Business is a part of, not apart from, the fabric of civil society.



We are excited by projects that require communicating technical content for lay audiences. Unlocking the power of information and making it accessible to the general public as well as to professional audiences has proven time and again to be an effective way to change the world.

We recognize as well that all communication has strategic value as a reflection on your organization’s reputation and brand and can work with your team to ensure that everyone contributes to enhancing both.

Marketing & Communications

Are you looking to pivot your organization and are in need of a landscape perspective and strategy for making the transition? Do you want to expand your influence through new partnerships and need help identifying who to pursue and then engaging them? Or are you simply looking to get your information and products in front of a larger audience? Rather than promote the latest marketing tools and techniques, we look at your organization through a unique prism – your history, your current market and position within, and your capacity for change – to produce clear-eyed views of the landscape ahead and recommendations for navigating it to achieve your goals.

Original Projects

When not helping other mission-driven organizations, we like to focus on our own projects. Our current work in progress is a web-based news and information resource that focuses on the problems of civil society and, more importantly, the various solutions proposed to address them.  The site makes it easy to get up to speed on what progress is being made towards resolving the issues that appear and disappear from view in the daily media.

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