Business is a part of, not apart from, the fabric of civil society.

What We Do

We are all about good design from end-to-end, from your internal thinking and processes to wherever you touch your multiple stakeholders. To accomplish good design, we seek to clarify priorities and offer unwavering focus on those priorities throughout the work we provide.

We start with your public presence – your products, your website, your customer service, your brand, and your message – because this is where the education, the persuasion, and the sale begins.

We look at what you do and the markets you do it in to find new opportunities and ways to  serve and communicate your mission, always with an eye on budgets and revenue potential. We connect the dots in ways that may be more apparent coming from the outside of a business, unencumbered by market pressures and politics. With a refined vision in place, we strategically target your stakeholders and recommend channels and actions for engaging them in your mission. And if you need specific communications products, we are experienced in developing a design-minded web presence, board-centric reports, education-focused technology research, and evidence-based marketing materials.

Whatever we do, it is always with the dual objectives of advancing your mission and the confidence of your stakeholders that you can get the job done.

What We Think

Make Content Smarter

The Internet has changed the relationship of audiences to the information that communications professionals want them to consume. Back in the days before Google and hyperlinks and smartphones with high-end video capability, when cost was a real barrier to producing and distributing media and when "space available" in media outlets ...
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Evaluate Your Presence

Market Landscape

Technologies & Impact

Product & Service Line

Revenue Opportunities

Vision Alignment

Brand Objectives

Engage Your Audiences

Product Strategy

Customer Relations

Stakeholder Involvement

Mission Evangelism

Digital Presence

Message Development

Design With Purpose

Educate Your Audience

Surface Your Achievements

Promote Your Mission

Generate New Revenue

Sustain Your Organization

Build An Ecosystem