Make Content Smarter

The Internet has changed the relationship of audiences to the information that communications professionals want them to consume. Back in the days before Google and hyperlinks and smartphones with high-end video capability, when cost was a real barrier to producing and distributing media and when “space available” in media outlets was limited, communicators had to…

On Being Socially Responsible

The pendulum has begun to swing – despite appearances in Washington – towards more corporate social responsibility. That’s with a small “s” and a small “r” because “CSR” is slowly embedding itself in the culture of business, in part because government’s ineffectiveness in dealing with some issues is compelling some executives to step up to meet the challenges….

Turning Data Into Knowledge

In today’s digital world, sifting through the mass of bits and bytes to find and organize relevant facts, analyses, and opinions into credible and actionable knowledge can be a challenge for the best of us. In an information age that has suddenly gone from the starry night sky of the ancient Greeks to the dense…